Did Somebody Lace This Weed?

Just as the biased studies and under-researched claims of marijuana’s negative effects on the heart have been sensationalized, so too has the ever perpetuated myth of laced marijuana. The unconfirmed stories have been circulating for years. Mostly spread by law enforcement, health officials, and media outlets.

After all… convincing marijuana users that weed isn’t safe to ingest is a pretty clever way to get them to stop buying, selling and/or using it. The problem with the laced weed myths and rumors however, is some good old fashioned reporting of facts. And so, that is what we have for you.

Claire Zagorski wrote a fantastic article for Filter in July of 2021. It was in response to a major newspaper’s claims that laced marijuana was on the rise. You can read the article HERE.

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Feeling better about that area of worry? Good. Let’s keep going.

In July of 2021, Chris Roberts contributed an article to Forbes, about yet another claim of the existence of laced marijuana. You can read the article HERE.

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Last but not least, we have an article from senior editor of Vice, Manisha Krishnan. She questions a health alert issued by Connecticut health and law enforcement officials in November of 2021, claiming the “first lab confirmed case of fentanyl laced marijuana”. You can read it HERE.

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It is our sincerest hope, that the information in the above articles helped you feel better about your fears of laced marijuana. If you’d like to look around our website some more, click the home link below: